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Building Accommodation

Before establishing itself in its own accommodation the Reading Society changed its premises seven times. At first it found lodgings in two rooms on the second floor of the Drakatos-Papanikola building, 4 Ipapandis Street, right behind the Milonopoulos dwelling in the Mouragia; in 1842 the Society moved to the Yiallina- Halikiopoulos dwelling in the Agion Pateron district; in 1847 to the first floor of the building at 19 Kapodistriou Street; in 1881 to the Gonemi building in Ag. Spiridon Street; in 1884 again to one of the houses in Kapodistriou Street or Agion Panton Street; in 1908 to Ernestine Theotoki’s house, 21 Kapodistriou Street.

Finally, in 1921, it moved into two floors of the Phels dwelling at 120 Kapodistriou Street. In 1928, under the president of Linos Koyevinas, the Phels building became the Society’s property. Thus, nearly a century after its foundation, the Reading Society finally found it own home.

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