Paintings of Corfiot painters of the 19th and 20th century

The Society’s fine art collection is said to be one of the most important private collections in Greece. It comprises more than two hundred works of art from the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as outstanding examples of works from earlier periods.

As a centre of civic life in Corfu, the Reading Society became, from the time of its foundation, a foyer for the reception, promotion, and display of works of art relating to the island. Native Ionian artists working in the 19th century classic Greek tradition presented their works in order to decorate the Society’s rooms and to foster cultural links with the Society.

The collection includes oil paintings (portraits and landscapes), water colours and sculptures which offer a vivid insight into the cultural and artistic life of the seven islands. These heterogeneous artistic representations, ranging from lyrical naturalism and ethnography to abstract painting and cubism, throw a revealing light on the dialectical and critical thought, the intellectual convergences and divergences characteristic of the arts of the Ionian region.

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