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Alice Padova

The late Alice Padova, daughter of the lawyer Antonios Padovas and Maria Padova, née Argyropoulou, was born in Corfu in 1936. She spent the years of the German Occupation (WWII) in Corfu and, after the war, she graduated from the Gymnasium for Girls. In 1958 she went to the U.S.A. with scholarship to study Home Economics in the Purdue University of Indiana, where she lived the greatest part of her life. She also held four post-graduate titles in community development, social work, educational training and home economics and she followed an academic career. She kept Corfu in her heart and visited the island regularly. Among her other activities, she published a cooking book with authentic Corfiot recipes and she taught the Greek language in Missouri, where she lived. In her will, at the end of her life (2011), she bequeathed a significant estate to the Corfu Reading Society, to assist in its effort to safeguard and promote the Heptanesian culture in all its aspects. The Corfu Reading Society, to honour her memory and to pass on to the new generations the love for Corfu, established, upon approval of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs (28/4/2014, ref. number 64779/Γ2) and in collaboration with the regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education, an annual student competition of essay writing, with a money award for students of the 1st year of Lyceum of the Prefecture of Corfu. The essay topics revolve around the Corfiot and the general Heptanesian culture heritage, as perceived in our days (historical, monumental, immaterial, environmental).

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