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One of the main objects of the Corfu Reading Society is the research and scientific documentation of the history and culture of the Ionian Islands.

Moreover, the Society’s aim is to enable scientists to have access to this rare research material, and to promote original scientific publications about the Ionian Islands.

More specifically, in view of the celebration of 200 years from the commencement of the Greek Revolution and given the fact that Corfu was the birth place that nurtured emblematic personalities of the 1821 War of Independence, such as Ioannis A. Capodistrias, Andreas Kalvos and Dionysios Solomos (the last two were members of the Corfu Reading Society), but also many others less known to the wider public, an aspiring programme for the celebration in 2021 is being prepared.

Various activities are included, aiming, inter alia, to study and promote the Heptanisian patriotism from the end of the Venetian rule until the Union with Greece (1797-1864), i.e. the struggle and the contribution of the Heptanesians to the national restoration of Greece, focusing on the quadriptych People, Ideas, Institutions, Actions.

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