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Single-Sheet Prints

The Corfu Reading Society has over 1,000 single-sheet prints of various sizes, many of which are extremely rare.
These are loose sheets, usually printed on one side, which are a distinct category of “ephemeral” forms and have been a very popular way of informing and circulating ideas.
The single-sheet prints of the Corfu Reading Society cover a period of almost two centuries, from the end of Venetian rule, in 1769, to 1945. They are mainly announcements and declarations of the respective state and local institutions, but also texts of many other types, such as political declarations, election results, libraries, obituaries, topical poems, reports of associations and institutions, various announcements and news, diplomas, programs, etc.
The collection of single-sheet prints is a valuable source for scholars of the political, economic, and social history of mainly the 19th century, as most of it has been produced during the periods of the Septinsular Republic (1800-1807) and the United States of the Ionian Islands (1814-1864), as well as in the years following the Union of the Ionian Islands with Greece.

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