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Works of Art

The Corfu Reading Society has one of the most interesting private collections of art works in Greece. It numbers more than three hundred works of famous artists of the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as some marvellous specimens of artwork of older centuries.

The Reading Society, possessing a central role in the Corfiot urban life almost since its establishment, has housed, showcased and promoted the works of significant artists having ties with the island. Classic Greek artists of the 19th century from the Ionian Islands that lived or temporarily stayed in Corfu, painted and donated their works to decorate the rooms or to forge intellectual relationships with the Society.

The Society’s art collection includes oil paintings (portraits and landscapes), watercolour paintings and sculptures, offering a circle of artistic creation that highlights the colourful character of the Heptanesian intellectual and artistic life. Through the varied and heterogeneous pictures of artistic expression, from lyrical naturalism and ethography to abstract art and cubism, exhibited in the Society’s rooms, the convergent, divergent, dialectical and critical thinking of the Heptanesian artists emerge vividly.

In 2017, the Society’s Great Benefactor, Mr. Spyros Flamburiaris, proposed to undertake the entire cost for the digitisation of the various art collections of the Society. He entrusted Dr. Megaklis Rogakos with the task, who proceeded to photographing and cataloguing systematically the works of art, as well as other material. Soon the Society will include the photographs and the relative information on its website.

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