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The Corfu Reading Society, being true to its establishment objects, fulfilling the will of its members, and following the tradition it has created, hosts every year events in its premises, promoting the Heptanesian culture and participating, at the same time, in the wider social concerns on various current issues.

In the fifteen-year period 2005-2019, more than 450 events took place, 240 of which were organised by the Society itself and the remaining by other organisations.

Hundreds of guests have responded to the call of the Society, covering a wide range of events, such as musical and educational activities, speeches and book presentations on historical, social, literary, philosophical and cultural issues, as well as lectures on the international current events.

Countries’ ambassadors, internationally recognised academics and well-known writers, but also young scientists have honoured the Society with their presence. Likewise, internationally recognised musicians and choir singers, as well as young talented artists have participated in musical events.

Maintaining and developing a wide social impact with a broad range of varied activities, addressed to a wide range of interests, is, after all, what renders Corfu Reading Society so special.

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