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The Bulletin

The Reading Society’s first attempt to publish a bulletin of intellectual and artistic activity is dated in 1964 under the chairmanship of Spyridon Voulgaris. It was a booklet of a few pages with brief historical notes and information about the Society. Four more annual bulletins followed until 1968.

That early publication effort changed radically its orientation and content in 1969, when Kostas Nikolakis-Mouchas became chairman of the Society. The Bulletin took a new form. It developed into a scientific journal discussing topics of Heptanesian interest. However, being the continuation of the initial bulletin, it continued its numbering and was published as issue number 6. The new Bulletin was published annually until 1982 (number 19). Since then, for various reasons, mainly economic, it has not been published annually.

In 2019, the publication of the 29th anniversary edition, marked 50 years from the first edition of the Bulletin (1969-2019), which has become a well-established means of expression of the Heptanesian speech.

In 2015 the Society published the Index of Corfu Reading Society’s Bulletins [in Greek: Ευρετήριο του Δελτίου της Αναγνωστικής Εταιρίας (Introduction and editing by Professor Theodosis Pylarinos)], a useful publication collecting all the works published in the Bulletins up to volume 27.

The contents of the Bulletins, number more than 200 interesting scientific papers about the region of the Ionian islands.

A prominent feature of the Corfu Reading Society’s Bulletins, already established since its first volume in 1969, is that the authors are leading scientists of high repute, and historical researchers who have studied the Heptanesian affairs, but also young promising scientists in their first steps. It is indicative of the open-mindedness and the inclusiveness promoted by the Reading Society.

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