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Events Rooms – Lounge Area Reservations

The Corfu Reading Society has over the decades acquired a prominent position in the intellectual and cultural affairs of Corfu, as well as a strong social presence. In fulfilling its public role the Society offers, subject to conditions, some of its rooms to organisations and people who desire to host various events.

Brief description of the available rooms:

On the second floor, the conference room (110 m2), equipped with a modern projection system, of 120 people capacity. An additional 30 people may be accommodated, if the adjoining small room (30 m2), separated by glass doors, is used, increasing the total capacity to 150 people.

These two rooms are also connected, through a glass door, with a third adjoining room, i.e. the room of maps (50 m2). Thus, visitors can move around in a wider and spacious single area.

The office of the Board of Directors is on the same floor (30 m2), communicating with the conference room through a separate door, providing the ability to use an additional room.

Finally, there is a WC (for men, women and people with disabilities).

On the first floor, there is the Reading Room and the three library rooms which host some notable exhibits from the Society’s collections.

The Reading Room (50 m2) is also available on special occasions. It is equipped with a projection system.

On the ground floor there are two large rooms (110 m2), operating as a lounge area, serving coffee or meals. It can host receptions of up to 150 guests.

The rooms on the ground floor are elegantly decorated and equipped with a modern projection system, which can support synchronised projection with the rooms of the 1st and 2nd floors, as well as fast internet access.

You can also select your own catering service.

All the main areas of the Reading Society are equipped with a modern air-conditioning system (cooling/heating) and fast WiFi internet access, while, recently, with the contribution of our great benefactor, Mr. Spyro Flamburiari, an elevator connecting the three floors (ground, first and second) was installed.

Finally, upon request, guided tours to the Reading Society’s premises and  commemorative prints or some of our publications may be offered.

For more information, please contact the Corfu Reading Society: Tel.: (+30) 2661039528, e-mail: anagnostikicorfu@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest!



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