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Governance – Organizational Structure

The Corfu Reading Society is a non-profit legal entity under private law, operating under its most recent Memorandum and Articles of Association, registered in the Associations Registry of the Court of First Instance of Corfu, registration number 55/9-9-1972.

It is managed by the General Meeting of its founding members, convened at least twice a year to decide on all major issues regarding the Society.

The General Meeting elects by means of secret ballot a Board of Directors for a two-year term of service.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the execution of the decisions of the General Meeting, the management and the operation of the Society.

The members of the Reading Society’s Board of Directors for the period 2021-2022 are the following:

Board of Directors

Athanasios Makris Chairman
Spyros Ziniatis Vice-Chairman
Kostas Kardamis Secretary
Marth Athinaiou – Takou Treasurer
Dimitris Theotokis Library Curator
Konstantinos Lidovois Library Curator
Marilla Dados-Ventoura Premises Curator
Katerina Kiriaki Premises Curator

Organization Chart

Dimitrios K. Zymaris Executive-Scientific Director
Ioanna Tsoukala Secretarial Support
Georgia Koskina M.Sc. Librarian-Archivist
Sofia Feggouli Librarian-Archivist
Tania Konti Librarian-Archivist

Website Contributors

Dimitrios K. Zymaris Structure Design and Text Writing-Editing
Fileni Lorandou Graphics Editing
Evangelia Kazantinou Translation Services
Sofia Feggouli Media and Text Content Editing
Athanasios Tsipis Web Design-Development and Application Programming
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