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Support our work – adopt a book

The preservation and digitisation of the Corfu Reading Society’s old books collection is one of the Society’s main objects.

Taking into account the age, the rareness and the general condition of the incunambula, we have singled out 496 books, which are in dire need of immediate preservation and digitisation.

Since the total cost for their restoration is immense, the Board of Directors urges the members and the friends of the Society to support its efforts and save a book!

If you are interested, please contact the Society (+30 26610-39568, e-mail: anagnostikicorfu@gmail.com) and select a book (or more), undertaking the cost of its preservation.

Thus, you will have the moral satisfaction to have saved an intellectual imprint and that you will be associated with this intellectual work eternally.

Naturally, should the benefactor desire it, a special thank you note will be published and their name (registered in the special catalogue of book supporters) will accompany the book details.

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